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Empowering Your Journey to Business Success with Langaroo​

Welcome to the future of global communication. At Langaroo, we are proud to introduce a ground-breaking cross-cultural communication App that is reshaping how individuals connect worldwide. Our mission is simple: to bridge language barriers and empower users to understand, speak, message, and share information effortlessly, improving global communication like never before.
Join us on this exhilarating journey by becoming a LangOwner! As a pioneering brand, we offer you the unique opportunity to partner with us through our business licenses. By becoming a LangOwner, you gain the power to promote and market subscriptions to the Langaroo app within your country. In return, you will earn a substantial share of the revenues from the subscriptions, providing you with the means to build a thriving and profitable business that can be scaled.

Owning a Territory License

Langaroo provides business licenses to passionate entrepreneurs and businesses, who want to promote the Langaroo app within their Country. By obtaining a license for your designated territory through an annual fee, you gain the power to market subscriptions to the Langaroo app in that region.

As a LangOwner, you will be a driving force in the growth and success of Langaroo within your Country. We equip you with a suite of marketing assets to assist you in achieving your desired level of growth. Your success is our success, and that’s why we offer a generous share of the revenues from subscriptions, enabling you to create a profitable business that can be scaled and expanded.

Purchasing a Territory License

Our user-friendly website makes selecting and purchasing licenses for your desired territories simple. You have the flexibility to customize the size and location of your territory, allowing you to scale your business according to your ambitions. Just add licenses to your basket to expand your territory size (in terms of population).

The LangOwner Business Model

Your role as a LangOwner is crucial to our collective success. You will actively promote and market subscriptions to the Langaroo app within your Country.

As the geography of individual users is not a limiting factor, we calculate your revenue share based on a proportionate share of the country’s income, ensuring a fair and rewarding model.

At Langaroo, we have designed a simplified business model to optimize profitability and minimize losses. Our variable cost structure ensures you only incur overheads as a percentage of sales, eliminating fixed expenses.

Understanding the Costs

The revenue you receive as a LangOwner is derived from the App store subscriptions generated within your Country. The following costs are deducted from this revenue to determine your operating profit:

1. Direct Costs: Covers payment processing fees, cloud storage, encryption of messages, and translation fees (10%).
2. Marketing Budgets: Invested in continuous marketing activities to grow the user base on the platform, ultimately benefiting LangOwners (20%).
3. Langaroo Royalty: A share of the income from the business model used to enhance the app and its features (35%).

Following the deduction of these costs (65%), you will be left with an operating profit of 35% of the revenue generated in your territory.

The following sets a hypothetical scenario for a Territory License Owner based upon the number of users in a Licensed Territory of 100,000 people.

Revenue share example:

Let’s illustrate this with a hypothetical example: Assuming a Country with a population of 1 million is divided into ten territory licenses of 100,000 population each generating annual sales of $500,000 (approximately 16,673 subscribers) for the Country. After deducting sales tax (5%), the Net Revenue would be $475,000.

Each of the ten Licensed Territory businesses in that Country would receive a pro-rata figure of $47,500 as income. After deducting the variable overhead costs (65%), you, as a LangOwner, would receive an operating profit of 35% of the Income.


Proportionate Net Revenue of the Licensed Territory


Overhead Costs (65%)


Operating Profit for Territory License Owner (35%)

The Langowner would receive US$16,625 over the Year.

Revenue Share

LangOwner Territory License
LangOwner Territory License
Select the territory license product you would like to purchase

Purchase a Territory License

US$ 2,995 per year
US$ 1,695 per year
US$ 990 per year

Profit Calculator


Estimate Annual Profit

0 $ USD

LangOwner Territory License
LangOwner Territory License
Select the territory license product you would like to purchase

Purchase a Territory License

$2,995 per year
$1,695 per year
$990 per year

Revenu share example:

Let’s consider a country with an annual subscription gross revenue of $600,000, with a sales tax of 5%. The net income for the country is $570,000.

With 10 territory license owners, the income per LangOwner would be $57,000. This business model allows you to achieve profitability of 35% of the income received, equivalent to $19,950.


Revenue Share

Profit Calculator


Estimate Annual Profit

0 $ USD

Why Choose Langaroo as a Business Opportunity? ​

Cutting-Edge Technology

Langaroo’s App is built on state-of-the-art technology, offering seamless and intuitive cross-cultural communication.

Global Impact

By enabling individuals worldwide to communicate effortlessly, you become a part of something bigger—an interconnected global community.

Lucrative Business Model

Our revenue-sharing system ensures you reap the rewards of your hard work, fuelling your path to success.

Empowering Users

Langaroo empowers users to break down language barriers, fostering understanding and collaboration across borders.

Expert Support

As a LangOwner, you’re never alone. We provide dedicated support and resources to help you maximize your business potential.

Make a meaningful impact while building a prosperous venture. Join us as a LangOwner and take your journey to business success to new horizons.

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Frequently asked questions

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Try our FAQ section or contact us at

What does it mean to be a LangOwner?

Territory Licenses are priced at $2,995 per year per 100,000 population.
In return for your investment, you will receive a license that entitles you to a share of the income from the subscription revenue within that Country.

A LangOwners revenue is calculated as a proportionate share of the total Countries’ revenue. For example, if a Country had a population of 1m there would be 10 territory licenses of 100,000 population and each LangOwner would be entitled to 10% of all the revenue generated from subscriptions within the Country.

As a purchaser, you will get the opportunity to pick the highest-demand, top-tier Countries to own a Territory License.

How does the business model work?

We have simplified the structure of the LangOwner Business Model to budget overheads as a variable cost (a percentage of sales). By doing this it minimises the opportunity for losses (as there are no fixed overheads) ensuring a profitable business model.
There are three main costs that are deducted from the revenue of subscriptions within the LangOwners territory:

  • The direct costs of running the App in terms of payment processing fees, cloud storage, encryption of messages and translation fees. (10%)
  • The marketing budget. This ensures we can continually invest in marketing to grow the number of users on the platform, benefitting your business growth. (20%)
  • The Langaroo Royalty. This is Langaroo’s share of the income. A proportion of this sum is used to maintain and continually enhance the performance and future features of the App. (35%)

This leaves an Operating Profit of 35% of sales for the LangOwner.

How much could I earn?

The amount you will earn is directly related to the number of subscribers the Langaroo App achieves within your territory.
When you register your interest, we can provide information that will enable you to accurately forecast your LangOwner Business Model profit.
By way of an illustration the below tables show the expected levels of income that can be achieved after costs using three scenarios: 500, 1000, and 1,500 subscribers within the territory.

Forecast Earnings: 
Number of subscribersAnnual income after costs

What Langaroo territories are available?

There are territory opportunities for all Countries (view the territory map).
When you purchase a territory or territories, please specify the Country / Countries that you wish to purchase when completing the checkout.

Following the online purchase, we will contact you to complete the License Agreement by Docusign.

Please allow 14 days, whilst we populate the necessary agreements for your documentation.

Can I own more than one Langaroo territory?

Yes, we encourage owners to acquire multiple territories to enable you to scale your business profits to the desired levels.
Each territory entitles you to a share of the revenue in a Country. To enhance the profitability and size of your business, you can purchase multiple territories in a Country and consider owning territories in other Countries.

What happens after I purchase a Territory License online?

We will reach out to you within 14 days by email to confirm your territory Country.
We will then send an email  with your LangOwner License Agreement to be signed and collect your bank details to send funds for when profits are due to be distributed.

Finally, when the App launches you will be given access to the LangOwner Dashboard where you can view the key performance indicators for your territory.

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